Transformation House Donations

Why donate to the Transformation House?

The Transformation House will be around for a long time. Until there are no more men in our area who are desperate to make a positive change in their life, we will be here to help those who have committed themselves to that change.

Helping dozens of people every month can cost a lot of money and take a lot of time, though. We rely a lot on volunteers, donations, and sponsorships to maintain our facility, feed our residents every night, pay off bills, and more. Your donation, whether it’s $1, $1,000 or anywhere in between, is incredibly appreciated by the staff, volunteers, and residents at the Transformation House.

Where do your donations go?

Your donations go towards all sorts of renovations here at the Transformation House. Improving the quality of living for our residents is an ongoing process. That means anything from building reconstruction, to additional room space for incoming residents, to a pillow to sleep with at night.

Donations also contribute to about half-of-a-dozen other things, such as office supplies, bills, food and water for residents, our Transformation House program, and more.


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