About Us

Hereā€™s why we are a critical non-profit organization:

Our Mission Statement

Encouraging “men to be men”, by providing them with shelter at a reduced/affordable rate while nurturing their Spiritual, Educational, and SocialĀ Development.

A focus on developing the whole person

We provide much more than a bed and a hot meal. Residents receive life skill classes, counseling, job search assistance, special seminars, financial guidance and linkage to churches and social services. In turn, men staying at the facility must hold a job or be actively searching, and maintain total drug and alcohol abstinence. Only men who are totally committed to changing their lives are admitted and allowed to stay with the program. Our primary purpose is to empower men to regain their independence.

Founded by a man who walks the walk

Pastor Manuelus Reacco knows firsthand the challenges and hardships facing men who have lost all hope. Spiritual and social guidance turned his life around, and now he works tirelessly helping others. Pastor Reacco has given his all, spiritually and financially to get this ambitious and worthwhile program off the ground. To grow and prosper, Transformation House needs others to provide support to ensure the program’s long-term success.

100% of all donations go directly to the work

You can be assured that any monetary or material donation to Transformation House will go to changing lives. If you can provide cash, consumer products, building materials or professional services, we promise to put them to good use. When you meet the people involved with Transformation House, it will be clear that we are in the business of helping others.

Multi-faceted community outreach support

In addition to being a 30-bed housing facility, the building also houses a soup kitchen, food pantry and a drug and alcohol abuse recovery service. Residents pay a weekly fee, have a list of chores to complete at the facility, and give back by volunteering at the soup kitchen and food pantry.

Programs we provide:

(Transformation of Alcoholic and Drug Abusers): Christian recovery group

Life support: Individual counseling for emotional problems, financial counseling, money management, job/business skills, etc.

Who’s looking out for the men?

There are organizations providing a helping hand to women, children and families, but most times, men are left out in the cold, destined to a downward spiral of self-destruction. Transformation House breaks the trajectory by providing men with affordable housing while nurturing their spiritual, personal, educational and social development.